How Much Should I charge? 



You’ve decided to list your first item on Kindershare. Here are some handy hints and tips to help you calculate how much to charge




Is my item in Demand? 

Kindershare’s most popular items are high-quality, top-branded items.

This means that a Babyzen Yoyo will often rent out for more than a MB Nano. The Nano is a great pram, however the Yoyo will always command a premium given its high sales price.

Also consider your location – inner-city locations are often able to charge slightly more than regional areas.

Daily / Weekly / Monthly?

Use your own experience when deciding what your ‘headline’ duration will be. 

A baby capsule is likely to be rented for 2 – 3 months with a newborn, however a car seat is likely to be rented for 2 weeks for a visiting family member. 

A party item is likely to be rented for 1 day only, but a newborn rocker will be rented for 2 – 3 months.

Remember to review your pricing

We encourage our owners to regularly review the pricing of their items. 

If you haven’t had a booking recently, you may wish to reduce the item price to encourage additional bookings. 

Alternatively, you can keep your ‘headline’ price, and include a comment stating you offer discounts for longer rentals. 

Should I offer Delivery?

Delivery gives you a chance to earn some extra money on each rental.

If you live close to an airport, CBD or tourist hub, deliveries will increase the number of enquiries you receive for your item.    

What happens for 8 day bookings?

If your renter has requested an 8 day booking (eg. Monday to Monday), you can use the “send offer” function to send them a discounted price as the system will automatically charge them for 2 weeks.

How much should the bond be?

The bond serves as an important incentive for renters to take care of your item. 

For the Kindershare Guarantee to apply, this should be 20% of the new, retail price. We find that when the bond is more than 50% of the new price, owners are significantly less likely to receive bookings compared to identical listings.

What fees do Kindershare take?

Kindershare charge a fixed 13% commission on any items rented. When you create a listing, you can see both the renter’s amount, and also the amount you will receive

Should I charge a cancellation fee?

There is nothing more frustrating than turning down a request because you have an existing booking, only for the original renter to cancel. A cancellation fee can help protect you in these cases. 

Even if you do have a cancellation fee applied, you can waive this by reaching out to the support team. 


Can I offer discounts for longer rentals?


Within the chat with the renter, you should see a “send offer” button. This allows you to provide custom pricing for the dates that have been requested. 


Other handy tips

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