Our First Birthday competition!

Our First Birthday competition!

It’s Kindershare’s birthday!

The competition has now closed. Please come back on 4 July 2018 to hear who the winners are! 


Great prizes to win!


Entering the competition is simple!

1. List a baby item for rent on Kindershare before 30 June 2018

2. Tell us in 3 words how you best describe Kindershare 


Full terms are below. 

Our judges will review the entries and announce the best 4 entries on 4 July 2018. 

Find out more about Kindershare here

Current Kindershare owners can also enter by emailing us at [email protected] and telling us in 3 words how they best describe Kindershare.

Not ready to list yet? 

We want to thank you for being a part of community. Kindershare users  can enjoy a discount at Lime&Tonic by using the code KIND025 to receive a $25 discount off your next experience!

Win these by listing an item today!
Win one of two Absolute Aromatherapy 60-minute Massage Treatment At The Langham Sydney Spa

Enjoy a great meal without having to worry about babysitters with a $100 voucher from UberEats

Win a Phil & Ted’s Traveller cot – the most compact and lightweight travel cot – worth $249.

Competition Terms and Conditions 1. This is a game of skill. 2. The competition opens on 8 June 2018 and closes at 11.59pm AEST on 30 June 2018. 3. To enter the competition: a.  participants must list a product on Kindershare and provide, in the field marked, 3 words which best describe Kindershare; or b. Kindershare Owners who had items listed before 7 June 2018 can enter by sending an email including 3 words which best describe Kindershare. 4. There is one entry per item listed. 5.  Prizes can be awarded only to residents of Australia. 6.  The Prize Pool includes: a.  2 x Spa Experiences at the Langham Sydney Spa, which consist of a massage and access to The Langham Sydney Spa. These prizes can only be redeemed through the Lime&Tonic website, and must be redeemed from Monday to Friday, require booking 3 weeks in advance and 24 hours notice for cancellation. The gift voucher must be redeemed by 31 December 2018. Full terms of the experience are available here. b. 1 x $100 UberEats Voucher. The voucher must be used in one booking only and any credits are not refundable. The winner must have an account with UberEats to claim the prize. The Gift Voucher must be redeemed by 31 December 2018. c. 1 x Phil & Teds Traveller cot, including postage to an Australian address 7. A valid entry meets the following criteria: a. Kindershare’s requirements for listings must be adhered to, including the items being less than 7 years old, meeting Australian Standards and not being subject to recall. A full list of requirements are available here. b. Each listing must be one of the following: i.  have a new retail value of $150.00. For example, an Ikea high chair is not a valid entry, but a listing which combines an Ikea High Chair with a playmat and baby bath would qualify; OR ii. a CARES harness; or iii. a plane cushion such as a FlyTot, Plane Pal or KooshyKids. 8. All valid entries will be judged and prizes awarded based on the best responses to the question. 9. The judges decision is final.

Welcome to Kindershare!

Welcome to Kindershare!

Thanks for coming by!

We launched Kindershare in June 2017 and are really excited to have you join our journey.

We started Kindershare after  contemplating the state of our house one afternoon – a small, pre-federation cottage filled to the brim with near-new baby equipment. We’re not quite ready to say goodbye to all the baby gear we have, but wanted a way to earn money until we decide what’s next.
We also regularly saw messages on mother’s forums online – people temporarily needing baby equipment, however they had very low response rates. We also knew of quite a few people who had bought the wrong type of pram or baby equipment because they couldn’t take it for proper test runs. Personally, and from discussions with friends, we knew people were reluctant to share when there was limited trust and cover when things went wrong.
A lightbulb moment, and Kindershare was born. We all know it takes a village to raise a child, and Kindershare offers you that – a peer to peer marketplace for children’s equipment – connecting owners of baby equipment with those who need items on a short term basis.
We are always interested in hearing suggestions on what we can do to improve the Kindershare experience, so feel free to drop us a line!
Vanouhi & Ara
Founders, Kindershare

The Kindershare Guarantee – how does it work?

The Kindershare Guarantee – how does it work?

We know you love your kids equipment as much as we do, which is why we have the Kindershare Guarantee.

The Kindershare Guarantee helps protect Kindershare Owners from the cost associated with any damage that might occur to your items while they are being rented out. It provides for up to 75% of the replacement price of the item in case of any damage. This is separate to the public liability insurance cover provided, details of which can be found here.

So, how does it work?

Total damage

John has rented Sarah’s Phil&Ted’s Lobster high chair for his family holiday. He paid $30 to rent it, and had a security deposit of $60. On the return journey, their suitcase was damaged, and with it, the high chair.  John notifies both Sarah and Kindershare of the damage. The best price available for a replacement is $120 including delivery.

Sarah will receive:

  • $26.10 – being the $30 rental fee, less Kindershare fee
  • $60 – being the security deposit
  • $30 – under the Kindershare Guarantee – this is 75% of the replacement cost ($120) less the security deposit of $60

That’s a total of $116.10.

John will forfeit his security deposit of $60. He may also be charged the He should check with his travel insurance provider to see if he can receive this amount back.

Note that under the Kindershare guarantee, the total payment can not be more than the replacement value of the item, so if the rental fee was $50 instead of $30, the Kindershare Guarantee would be appropriately reduced.

Partial damage

Mary has rented Ari’s Nano Pram. He paid $50 to rent it, and paid a security deposit of $200. While out and about, the pram snags against something sharp, and the pram liner is damaged. On return, Mary notifies Ari and Kindershare of the damage. The liner costs $50 to replace.

As the cost of replacement is less than the security bond held, Ari will receive:

  • $43.50 – being the $50 rental fee less the Kindershare fee
  • $50 – being the replacement cost of the liner

Mary will forfeit only $50 of her security deposit, and may be eligible to claim this on any travel insurance.

Of course, in line with our terms, owners should always make sure they have nominated a bond worth 50% of the value of the items.


Our interview with Ella’s List about the Qantas ban on plane cushions

Our interview with Ella’s List about the Qantas ban on plane cushions

Here’s an interview Vanouhi from Kindershare gave to Ella’s list recently, explaining Qantas’ ban on plane cushions like the FlyTot, PlanePal and Kooshy Kids.

The good news is, that some airlines seem to be relaxing their stance. Our customers are currently reporting a 50:50 success rate with Qantas – particularly on a window seat or middle-middle seat.

As always, please follow your air crew’s instructions.

Read the full interview here