Thanks for coming by!

We launched Kindershare in June 2017 and are really excited to have you join our journey.

We started Kindershare after  contemplating the state of our house one afternoon – a small, pre-federation cottage filled to the brim with near-new baby equipment. We’re not quite ready to say goodbye to all the baby gear we have, but wanted a way to earn money until we decide what’s next.
We also regularly saw messages on mother’s forums online – people temporarily needing baby equipment, however they had very low response rates. We also knew of quite a few people who had bought the wrong type of pram or baby equipment because they couldn’t take it for proper test runs. Personally, and from discussions with friends, we knew people were reluctant to share when there was limited trust and cover when things went wrong.
A lightbulb moment, and Kindershare was born. We all know it takes a village to raise a child, and Kindershare offers you that – a peer to peer marketplace for children’s equipment – connecting owners of baby equipment with those who need items on a short term basis.
We are always interested in hearing suggestions on what we can do to improve the Kindershare experience, so feel free to drop us a line!
Vanouhi & Ara
Founders, Kindershare