Travelling with newborn twins – Your how to guide

Travelling with newborn twins – Your how to guide

Travelling with a newborn is hassle enough but imagine travelling with two, that’s double the trouble! But don’t be stressed, it has been done before and you can do it too.

Siobhan, the mother of twin 3 month old babies has survived travelling with her little ones across multiple cities in Australia. So if you need to travel with newborn twins, Siobhan has some great tips to help you make the journey with your little ones easier:

Here are her top 3 tips for how to travel with baby twins:

1. Be calm:

Your babies can sense your stress and it can cause them to be agitated too; so stay calm, everything will be alright.

2. Plan! Plan! Plan! 

Make sure you plan to the very last detail including all arrival times, feeding times, sleeping times, departure times. You can even practice going through the xray at home.

3. Arrive Early

It is always best to arrive early, because things don’t always go according to plan, so leave some time for the unexpected.

Having recently completed an epic 4 flights around Australia – from Melbourne to Adelaide, Adelaide to Darwin, Darwin to Sydney and Sydney to Melbourne – we took the chance to ask Siobhan to show others how to  travel with twin babies








What is the hardest part of travelling with twin babies?

Definitely security! You have to plan and know exactly what you are carrying and who is responsible for what. We unstrapped the babies from carriers, put the carriers on the Xray belt, then I walked through with the twins while Ari took care of the bags. I waited for him at the other end to then strap them back into the carriers.

If you are travelling solo, ask someone in the security area to hold a baby while you sort it out – people are very willing to help.

What do you pack in your carry on bag?

It evolved as the trips went on. We ended at:

  • Six nappies
  • Two changes of clothes
  • Six bottles of water and formula
  • Extra formula in case something happened
  • Nappy rubbish bags
  • Nappy wipes
  • Changing mat and
  • Swaddles

As the trips went on, more and more left the nappy bag and instead went into my husband’s back pack.


How do you manage with nappy changes?

We made the mistake of not changing their nappy after a breastfeed at the airport, thinking that because it was a short flight we would be OK. But, of course, the nappy got too full and leaked – all over my clothes! Lesson learned!

Don’t be afraid to ask the crew for assistance if you are struggling with the nappy change – they will point out which toilets have a change table.

How do you choose an airline and has that changed since having babies?

Having an ‘up front’ seat is advantageous – as it gives us a bit more leg room. Ideally we also have access to a lounge before the flight as well to give us some clear space to get organised. Luggage allowances are also important, and you can check the luggage allowances for domestic airlines here: 

Qantas Virgin Jetstar Tiger 


Any hints on seat selection?

When travelling as a couple with lap twins (babies that do not have their own seat) you will not be able to sit next to each other as there are not enough oxygen masks! We now book seats across the aisle from each other so that we can support each other.

How did you decide what to rent at your destination vs what to take with you?

For us, the pram was an easy choice. When you compare the cost of getting 2 taxis to the airport so that we have something big enough to fit all 4 of us plus our pram and all of our luggage, it was a no brainer. We spent $150 hiring prams at our 3 destinations across the month – much cheaper than a second return taxi to the airport or airport parking.

We also didn’t want to carry 2 travel cots with us as it would have been too hard to manage through the airport, and so hired these, or found accommodation with cots available.

Finally, our girls are at an age where bouncers are essential, so it was handy to pick up one at each destination to put one baby in while the other needed to be fed. 

Any hints on car hire at your destinations?

You need to be very specific with the car rental companies when hiring a car – Ensure you state the seats are for “infants” and then triple check. At one location we were given one rear facing and one forward facing car seat because when you say “two car seats” they automatically think they are children of a different age.

How do you chose accommodation?

Air conditioning is a non-negotiable, especially in Darwin! Space is also really important – a studio room doesn’t work as we want to be able to watch some TV at night while they are asleep. We also prefer a serviced location to make our lives a touch easier while we are away.

Flying holiday vs driving holidays?

We prefer flying! There’s a toilet, a change table, and lots of help from the crew if you need it. If you are in a car and they start crying, you have no control – you can’t stop the car, you can’t jiggle them to calm them down.


Some other important things consider when travelling with babies:

Baby wipes are super helpful to clean up all kinds of messes – you can never have too many. Don’t forget to also take disinfectant wipes onto the plane to sterilise the surrounding area of where you are seated with your children (kill those foreign germs before those foreign germs kill your holiday).

Breastfeeding twins in an aeroplane is a difficult endeavour, but it is one of the best ways to alleviate pressure in the babies’ ears. The sucking and swallowing motion helps relieve the pressure build up and any pain it causes to the newborn ears. However, if breastfeeding twins is not an option for you, give the twins their bottles or their dummies to suck on.

Another helpful tip for when you’re flying with twins (or flying with a baby) is to board the plane last (especially if you’re in for a long flight to go overseas). Usually, parents with young children are given first priority to board the flight but remember that once you’re inside, you are stuck in the plane for the next several hours. Make sure you change nappies and enjoy the freedom of walking around with your babies before you get on the plane. Also, let your twins play in the airport (if they’re old enough to move around and play) so that they don’t get too restless on the flight.

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