How it works

Kindershare helps:
  •  Owners of baby equipment who want to declutter their house and earn money by renting out idle baby equipment.
  •  Parents or parents-to-be rent premium baby goods in their local area.
  •  Parents or parents-to-be test drive baby equipment for extended periods prior to purchase.

For owners

Listing your products is easy on Kindershare.
To list your products, just sign up for an account , take photos of your items, list your price and bond amount and let renters know if you are happy to deliver the goods. Don’t forget to securely enter your bank details so we can pay you.
Respond to any requests within 2 days using our messaging tool, arrange pickup or delivery of the items. Your items will be covered for damage by the Kindershare Guarantee. The rental amount, less Kindershare’s fees, will be transferred to you 2 days after pickup. On the return date, carefully check your items and then rate the renter.
For additional information, please read our FAQ

For renters

Renting products is easy with Kindershare.
Simply search for particular items, or browse our listings page. Setup your profile, select the dates you need the item and securely enter your payment details.
Once the owner accepts your request, you can arrange pickup or, if offered by the owner, delivery. On the last day of the rental, return the items to the owner. Once the owner has checked the items, they will release the bond back to you.
For additional information, please read our FAQ