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List your baby gear

List the items you have, set your pricing and your bond, then wait for your first booking.

Accept/Decline Bookings

Simply accept or decline bookings that come in. You have complete control.

Pick up or Deliver

Arrange the best time for the renter to pick up from you, or charge for delivery. Payment will reach your bank account within 3 business days.
People all over australia have realised how you can make money from home from your baby equipment.

If you are in between children, or not sure if there are more on the way, earn some cash while clearing out your house by listing  your items on Kindershare.

Whether you are a Stay at Home Parent, or busy professional, Kindershare works for you. It takes less than 5 mins to list your item. Kindershare helps you find people who want your items, we manage your calendar for you, take car of your insurance and  directly deposit the funds to your account.

In most cases, you will make more by renting out your items than you would by selling through Gumtree!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What can I list?

Provided it relates to children, is less than 7 years old and meets Australian Standards, you can list it on Kindershare

What are your most popular items?

Travel related items are our most popular, especially compact prams like the Babyzen Yoyo, MB Nano and Qbit Pockit. Bags to carry full-sized prams are frequently rented, together with plane cushions like the Kooshy Kids or PlanePal. Newborn items like Owlet Socks, Breast Pumps and co-sleeper bassinets are also frequently booked.

What does it cost to list?

You can list as many items as you would like. Kindershare take only a small commission if the item is rented. For example, with a $50 booking, you will pay $6.50.

What is the Kindershare Guarantee?

Our renters treat the rentals like their own, but we know that accidents do happen. In the unlikely case of damage or loss, Kindershare will pay out up to 75% of the ‘buy new’ replacement cost to the owner.

What if I need to use it myself?

You are welcome to block out the item for your personal use at any stage – There are no penalties for blocking your items for personal use.

(*Based on the average earning of our top 10 customers over the last quarter.)

It’s a really good way to reduce your carbon footprint and also earn a bit of money while you are home on maternity leave.
Hazel, Mum of One, Sydney