For Owners

How do I list an item?

Click here, select the category your item belongs in. – Specify the duration you offer items for eg. days, weeks or months. For example you could offer a travel cot on a weekly basis, but a bassinet on a monthly basis. Please note we have a $10 minimum fee “per hire”.  If you have any questions regarding how to price your item, please read our blog here. 

Talk me through how I get paid step-by- step

  1. The Renter sends a request to the Owner for an item. Credit card details are provided
  2. You accept the booking within 3 days (but ideally much earlier!) and the renter’s credit card is charged for both the rental fee and the bond 2 days before the start of the rental.
  3. On pickup day, meet with the renter and pass the item over. Kindershare will release the rental fee (less applicable charges) to you – it may take about 2 days to arrive in your bank account.
  4. On the day of the return, inspect your goods. If you are happy with everything, mark the item as returned and the bond will be returned to the Renter.
  5. In the unlikely case of an issue, please contact us within 24 hours of the agreed Return Date so that we can pause the bond return and initiate a dispute.

I have a business renting out children’s equipment. Can I list my products here?

Yes, in the same way that many taxi drivers also use Uber to get rides, you can list your products to attract more customers to your business. Please remember to register as a business and include your ABN.

The renter has suggested cancelling the transaction on Kindershare and paying directly with cash.

By processing the rental through Kindershare, your product is covered by the Kindershare Guarantee. If the renter damages your item, you may be eligible for a payment in line with our terms.

Ensuring the transaction is processed through Kindershare helps cover our running costs and will make sure we stay online to help you next time you want to rent out an item. You will also miss out on a rating which will help with future rentals.We are unable to assist with any disputes for transactions taking place outside our website.

We reserve the right to close your listings and ban your membership if you repeatedly refer renters to transact outside our website.

The renter has requested an extension to the period of rental

If you are OK to extend rental dates, simply head to your booking on Kindershare and hit the ‘extend rental’ button located at the top of your chat. It will request the new rental end date, and a fee for the extension. 

Please note that if you extend the rental agreement outside of the platform, the Kindershare Guarantee will no longer apply.

My item was not returned, or was damaged on return

Please ensure you notify us within 24 hours of the agreed rental return date. We will review the damage and may provide payments in line with the Kindershare Guarantee, detailed in Our Terms.

Please note, in line with our terms, failure to notify Kindershare of a failure to return, or damage to the goods, within 24 hours of the end of the rental period may result in claims to the bond or under the Kindershare Guarantee being denied.

The Kindershare Guarantee excludes reasonable wear and tear and other situations where compensation is not available.

How much should I set my bond?

It is up to you to determine the value of the bond, but we usually recommend 50% of total selling value for added security. Please note the Kindershare Guarantee will only apply where the Bond is set at 20% or higher than the replacement cost of the relevant item.

What is the Kindershare Guarantee?

The Kindershare Guarantee provides peace of mind to owners. In the case of damage or your item not being returned, Kindershare may pay up to 75% of the replacement cost of the relevant item. For example, if the item’s replacement value is $1,000 and you had set a $200 bond, Kindershare will pay you ($1000 * 0.75) – $200 = $550.

To be eligible for the Kindershare Guarantee, your bond must be set at 20% of the replacement cost of the relevant item. Please note that reasonable wear & tear is excluded from the Kindershare Guarantee.

Detailed descriptions of the Kindershare Guarantee are available in our Terms

Do I need to pay tax on any income I earn through Kindershare?

The Australian Taxation Office have produced a number of easy-to- understand videos and fact sheets to help you determine if you need to pay tax on items rented. Please seek further information from your accountant or the ATO.

How do I calculate my payment?

You can see the payment you’ll receive on your individual item listing page. The payment you’ll receive is your listed rental amount, less the Kindershare fee of 15%. We often have promotion codes providing a discount, so please like us on Facebook to be the first to find out.

I have provided the goods to the renter, but I haven't received funds in my bank account?

The payment will release to your account within approximately 3 business days of the start of the rental. If you still have not seen the funds land in your bank account after 72 hours, please contact us.

How do I offer a discount for a longer rental?

Once the renter contacts you using the “contact” button, you can click on the “send special offer” button. You will need to enter the dates of hire & amount, then the usual checkout process will continue.