How do I setup my profile?

First, register your email address using our sign up function. Once you have verified your email address, click on your name and setup your profile using the ” edit profile ” function.Don’t forget to setup the Payments tab so you can rent out items or receive bookings via Kindershare!

Why do you need my personal information?

The information is required to ensure compliance with Australian legislation as part of the Know Your Customer regulations put on all payment providers. Kindershare does not collect or keep this information – it is sent directly to our payment provider, .

On account setup, Stripe collects only the minimum information required. You may be asked to submit additional information such as a scan of your drivers license. You can read Stripe’s security and privacy policy directly here.

When are you coming to my local area?

Kindershare is a growing business and is rapidly expanding across Australia. By listing your products on our site, then sharing the listing on Facebook or Instagram, you can help us grow in your local area.

Do you offer Paypal?

Unfortunately Paypal does not allow us to easily pay the owners of the products. For the convenience of owners, we use Stripe. Your credit card data is never stored on our servers and payments are processed securely and directly with them.

How much should I price my item?

The price you list your products for is completely up to you.

Have a look at the product online – how cheaply can you buy it new? on Gumtree? On Ebay? How much have others listed your item for on our site? If it is the first time you are renting a product out, you might need to rent it slightly cheaper to attract your first ‘rating’.

Laterally consider your competitors – if you have a YoYo Stroller, your target market would include travellers who also have the option of buying a cheap travel pram.

Please remember, Kindershare charges a fee to cover the Kindershare Guarantee and the costs associated with managing the site.

What details should I include with my listing?

Consider including a link to the product manual online – this will help the renter setup the equipment and use it properly

Ensure that you use actual photos of your products, rather than just photos from a website.Photos should also show any pre-existing wear and tear to avoid you misrepresenting the quality of your item to renters. Please keep in mind it is illegal to make statements that are incorrect or are likely to create a false impression – this is important not just with your product listing, but also any photos you provide.

What is the shipping option?

The shipping option allows you to earn a bit of extra money by delivering the goods directly to the renter. This way new parents can still have access to the best items without having to attempt to leave the house with a new baby. Simply decide your delivery fee and ensure you specify how far you are willing to drive for that fee in the description of the item.

Is there anything that shouldn’t be rented out?

All items listed must conform with Australian Standards. This means that items purchased overseas, or subject to recall ,must not be listed on the site.

Items that are over 7 years old at the date of listing must not be listed on the site.Please refer to our Terms for additional information.

How can I maximise the amount of money I earn?

Share your listing on Facebook and Instagram.

Make sure people know about Kindershare. If you are a member of a parents’ group online, let them know about Kindershare – even if you dont get a booking directly – another member will soon repay the favour to you!

Have a look around your house and think about all those items you have sitting around and are rarely using – is it something someone else might need for a while?

Keep in mind also that the rental market for lower-cost items is limited – if you can purchase an Ikea high chair for $30, how much would someone be willing to rent that from you?

I have a discount code for Kindershare’s service fees. How do I apply it?

The discount code needs to be entered against each item you have listed on Kindershare.Simply login to Kindershare, click on your profile and select one of your items. Click on the “Edit listing” icon and enter the discount code under the “Promo code” button.